The Liberal Store - Fun and Meaningful Products for Liberals and Progressives! Stickers, Buttons, Shirts and More!

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The Liberal Store is a small company devoted to promoting causes like restoring tariffs, rebuilding American jobs, promoting clean wind and solar energy, electing radical progressive Democratic activists, jailing the banksters, curbing the RepubliCONs, forgiving Student Loans, saving the US Post office, rebuilding Unions, overturning Citizens United, gettiing money out of US Politics, ending US wars, expanding child care, education and health care for all citizens. The Liberal Store grew from a battle in Colorado in 1992 in which the Human and Civil Rights of Gay and Lesbian people were attacked by a religious empire named Focus on the Family. We lost the election, but won in the US Supreme Court. During that fight, a group of volunteers started making bumper stickers and Tshirts to support their liberal causes. After that experience, we transitioned into a private company to continue selling items to help political liberals and progressives. Most of our products are Made in the USA by free people. We buy advertising that supports Liberal Media outlets and promotes progressive causes in general..

We do these things by selling our messages on magnets, coffee cups, Tshirts, stickers, hoodies, posters, cutout stickers, buttons, toys, neckties, mouse pads, and more.